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Are you interested in advertising with our company?

Below are the different types of advertising services we provide.
We offer many options and are confident, you will find one to fit your needs.

Since 06/03/2009 PayPal is charging a fee that has to be paid by the receiver.
This fee is included in the price you have to pay for advertising and that explains why the current price is lower than the price you have to pay.

When you are interested in a special package, please contact us.

Advertising accepted only in accordance with our Terms and with PayPal AUP

Additionally you will find a list of sites for which we do not accept advertising here

How it works:
  • Click one of our advertisings from below.
  • If this advertise allow targeting - select your target groups.
  • When you are done you will have the price, that you need to pay, calculated.
  • After you have paid for your ad package, please fill out the "Order Form"
    on the last step to complete the advertisement ordering process.
  • Complete all the information requested on the form then click submit.
  • Once your payment has been confirmed, we will process your order immediately.
  • For the sites mentioned in our Banlist we will not accept advertising.

Ad Packages


Paid eMail to All
All of the people who are receiving the eMail have all requested it, thus giving you, the advertiser, a great selection of interested viewers.

1/40c Cheap eMail to All (for PTP only) ~ 5 sec.:

1/10c eMail to All ~ 8 sec.:

1/20c eMail to All ~ 6 sec.:

1/4c (0.25c) ~ 10 sec.:

1/2c (0.50c) ~ 12 sec.:

1c (1 cent) ~ 14 sec.:

2c (2 cent) ~ 16 sec.:

PTP eMail for Tier 1 & 2:

Paid to Click
Banners allowed size only 468 x 60 pixels. Exposures have a unique price per click and will last until the purchased number of clicks has been reached. These are unique visitors as each user may click only once per ad. These ads are visible in the members paid2click area.

PTC for All:

Cheap PTC to All - 8 sec. (for PTP only):

Contest PTC - 7 sec.:

PTP PTC for Tier 1 & 2:

Mills Room - Treasure Links:

PTP PTC to All:

Banner Impressions
Allowed size of the banner only 468 x 60 pixels

PTP rotator views
This page can only be promoted at sites on our approved list.
Absolutely NO PTP links are allowed in here.

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Site Donation
When you would like to support Dynamic-Mails, you can send us a donation. In reward you will get 2500 Banner Impressions for each dollar you pay us.

Upgrade your free membership to a Flour-Mill, Mustard-Mill, Paper-Mill or Saw-Mill membership.

Flour Mill: PTP pass for the upgraded PTP link

Mustard Mill:

Paper Mill:

Saw Mill:

Oil Mill 3 months:

Oil Mill 6 months:

* This ad allows targeting. Price determined after choosing targets.

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